Nishkarsha Kannada Movie Online

Nishkarsha unfolds the story of a bank robbery that takes place in broad daylight in an otherwise peaceful Manipal Center in Bangalore City. The bank employees and the customers in the bank at that moment are trapped in a lethal trap with nowhere to run.Ananth Nagis the Commissioner of Police who tries various ways to get into the bank but without much luck. B.C.Patil, the kingpin behind the robbery project, threatens to start throwing people down one by one if his demands are not met. Without a choice, Ananth summons a special commando force led by Vishnuvardhan who aids in the rescue operation. A tightly scripted screenplay and good editing keeps this story from falling apart. Performances worth mentioning include Suman Nagarkar, who gets violated in the process of trying to help but gets her revenge towards the end. Ananth Nag and Vishnuvardhan are at their best with years of professional experience backing them up. B.C.Patil plays the wooden faced villain who threatens to bring the entire state to a halt with this shocking take over.



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